Our team brings value by integrating directly into your organization, bringing experienced executives to consult at whichever functional level requires attention and analysis.

Matt Lynch headshot

Matt Lynch

With experience as a CEO, CFO and board member, Matt advises the senior executive team and manages the overall engagement.

Mark Lopez headshot

Mark Lopez

With senior executive experience, Mark works with senior teams (Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Product Officer).

David Girmann headshot

David Girmann

David serves senior executives by focusing on corporate-level strategy, resource optimization and change management.

Jacob Courtney headshot

Jacob Courtney

Jake works directly with senior line or staff members (including Business Analyst, Controller, Marketing, Finance).

Wendy Panner headshot

Wendy Pannier

Wendy works directly with the Marketing and Communications teams during the implementation phase.


Group shot of Resource Partners

Matt Lynch with the Strategy & Resources resource partners.

Front row, left to right: Marty Miller—Clear Path Consulting, Matt Lynch—Strategy & Resources, Julie Littlechild—If Not Now Research, Marion Asnes—Idea Refinery.

Back row, left to right: David Girmann—Strategy & Resources, Robert Cogan—StrategyB4Tactics, Mitch Vigeveno—Turning Point, Marie Swift—Impact Communications.
Julie Littlechild headshot

Julie Littlechild

Absolute Engagement

Marty Miller headshot

Marty Miller

Clear Path Consulting

Marie Swift headshot

Marie Swift

Impact Communications

Mitch Vigeveno headshot

Mitch Vigeveno

Turning Point, Inc.